Jewish Film Festival 2019 – ‘The Last Suit’

Eighty-eight-year-old Holocaust survivor Abraham Bursztein is about to be put out to pasture by his children, who have sold his house in the suburbs of Buenos Aires and booked him into a retirement home. Refusing to bow to family pressure, he sets off on an adventure from which he doesn’t expect to return. Fueled by a sense of duty, and a quest for closure and fulfillment, Abraham decides that the moment has come to fulfill a promise and seek out an old friend. With assistance from a cast of kindly strangers, the sharply-dressed suit maker travels by train across Europe from Spain to Poland, in search of the man who saved him from certain death at Auschwitz. Undeterred by a series of travel mishaps, family foibles and geographical obstacles along the way, the hard edges of the cantankerous Abraham gradually soften. Heartfelt and charming, the film exudes a poignant message of the enduring importance of family, friends and honor.

86 min. Subtitles

For ticket information, please visit the Sarasota-Manatee Jewish Federation Film Festival website here: CLICK HERE