Synagogue Connect

Calling all Jewish young adults ages 18-26 in the United States and around the world:

  • Away for the Jewish New Year and Day of Atonment – the two holiest days in the calendar?
  • Want to attend services… and do so at no cost?

Synagogue Connect is here to help. And it’s Free!

Synagogue Connect is a project initiated by Rabbis Ronald N. Brown and Charles Klein for the purposes of reaching out to the many unaffiliated college students in America. We are all well aware of the reports of anti-Semitism on college campuses. According to a survey conducted by the Louis D. Brandeis Center and Trinity College 54% of Jewish college students experienced or witnessed anti-Semitism within the past academic year. There are few who believe that this is just a passing phenomenon. Many in the Jewish community send their children to college with the expectation that the experience will broaden their horizons, when in fact, it may diminish their self-image, making them feel vulnerable and setting them apart from others.

There is much that is being done on campuses for these students. But we, in the synagogue community, have a role to play as well. As rabbis, along with our synagogues, we can reach out to college students to let them know that they are not alone and, perhaps, reconnect them to the synagogue community.

Check out our global database of more than 1,200 synagogues from all expressions of Judaism – Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Reconstructionist, Chabad, Renewal, Humanistic and others which have agreed to provide you with free admission. We feature mega-synagogues, as well as more intimate congregations.

Go to and follow the instructions. Spread the word to friends and family (if you know someone, tell someone).