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The Institute of Jewish Continuing Education is committed to the development of educational programs and activities for members of the Congregation and for the community at large, in order to increase the knowledge of Jewish Heritage and tradition. This year’s courses span a wide range of subjects to capture the interest of many.


TBI Miniversity 2018-2019 Registration

Sessions are FREE to Temple Beth Israel Members.

For guests, sessions are $10.00 per person in advance and $15.00 at the door.

All sessions will be held at 2:00 P.M. unless otherwise stated.

**Due to copyright laws films are only open to TBI Members.



Tentative dates for the Michael B. Eisenstat Miniversity Program are below.

Mark your calendars for these exciting, educational programs!


  • Wednesday, October 17th – FILM: ‘Nana’ (Temple Members Only)


NANA is the story of an Auschwitz survivor who spent her life fighting intolerance. Born in Poland, Maryla Michalowski-Dyamant survived Ravensbruck, Malchow and Auschwitz, where she was the forced translator for the ‘Angel of Death,’ Josef Mengele. Maryla dedicated her life after the war to publicly speaking about her survival to younger generations.

Directed by her 25 year-old granddaughter, NANA documents Serena’s journey with her mother Alice as they retrace her grandmother’s story. They explore how Maryla’s outspoken activism continues today, in a world where survivors are disappearing, and intolerance, racism and antisemitism are on the rise.



  • Wednesday, November 7th – FILM: ‘Kabbalah Me’ (Temple Members Only)


Kabbalah Me is a personal journey into the esoteric spiritual phenomenon known as Kabbalah. Throughout history, Kabbalah was studied by only the most holy Talmud scholars. The misinformation, innuendo and prohibition surrounding Kabbalah kept its wisdom from most Jews; many were even unaware of its existence.

In Kabbalah Me, director Steven Bram embarks on a spiritual investigation that leads him to reunite with the Hasidic branch of his family and connect to the community of Judaic scholarship. Eventually his curiosity takes him on a pilgrimage to Israel, where he immerses himself in history and traditions of the Holy Land.

Along the way, leading authorities discuss the complex, mystical world of Kabbalah – its varying interpretations and the myriad paths of its rituals and lessons. Bram’s new commitment to spirituality and religious observance draws skepticism from family and friends but ultimately leads to profound changes across all aspects of his life.



  • Tuesday Dec. 4th & 18th – Rabbi Stephen L. Sniderman – Hannukah Revisted/Jews and Christmas

     CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 12/4/18 & 12/18/18



  • Wednesday, Dec. 12th – FILM: ‘When Jews Were Funny’ (Temple Members Only)


Insightful and often hilarious, When Jews Were Funny surveys the history of Jewish comedy, from the early days of Borsht belt to the present, ultimately exploring not just ethnicity in the entertainment industry, but also the entire unruly question of what it means to be Jewish.

Popular comedians from the past and present provide an abundance of surprising opinions and witty humor. Veterans of the 1940s and 50s deny that their comedy reflected anything of Jewish culture. For younger comics, their biggest influences are family members, fathers, aunts and yentas. Many bemoan the loss of Yiddish, while arguing about the quintessential Jewish joke.

Perhaps the movie’s real subject isn’t so much comedy but what it means to be Jewish. It’s an impossible question to answer…but it’s also one well worth exploring, especially in a movie as funny and heartfelt as this one.

Featuring Shecky Green, Howie Mandel, Shelley Berman, Gilbert Gottfried, David Steinberg, David Brenner, Marc Maron & more.



  • Monday, January 17th & 24th – Rabbi Richard Klein Programming to be determined:

      CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 01/06/2019



  • Sunday, January 6th – Sabrina Silverberg – Sephardic Customs and Traditions

      CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 01/06/2019


  • Wednesday, Jan. 9th & 16th – Dr. Steven Derfler – UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in Israel

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  • Monday, Jan. 14th & 21st – Dr. Barry Bub –  Programming to be determined

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  • Tuesday, Jan. 22nd & 29th – Dr. Andre Krauss – Depiction of the Holocaust in Cinema

     CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 01/22/2019 & 01/29/2019


  • Tuesday, February 5th – Al Treidel – Jews in the Civil War

     CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 02/05/2019


  • Tuesday, February 12th – Dr. Vera Grodzinski – Jews and French Impressionists Art

      CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 02/12/2019


  • Tuesday, February 19th – Rabbi Richard Steinbrink – Reform Judaism Past, Present and Future

     CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 02/19/2019


  • Wednesday, Feb. 13th, 20th, 27th – Rabbi Michael B. Eisenstat – The Hard Concepts of Faith

      CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 02/13/2019, 02/20/2019, 02/27/2019


  • Tuesday, March 5th – Allan Schwartz – Golda Meir

      CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 03/05/2019


  • Mar. 6th & 13th – Rabbi Peter Kasdan (1:30 – 3:00) Defining God: Modern Theological Views

    CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 03/06/2019 & 03/13, 2019


  • March 12th – Bud Livingston – Lincoln and the Jews

     CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 03/12/2019


  • Mar. 19th & 20th – Rabbi Howard Simon – Middle East the Current State of Affairs

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  • April 10th – FILM – ‘Germans & Jews’ (Temple Members Only)


oday, Europe’s fastest growing Jewish population is in Berlin. Germany is considered one of the most democratic societies in the world, assuming the position of moral leader of Europe as they embrace hundreds of thousands of refugees. This development couldn’t have been imagined in 1945. Through personal stories Germans & Jews explores Germany’s transformation as a society, from silence about the Holocaust to facing it head on. Unexpectedly, a nuanced story of reconciliation emerges.

What began as a private conversation between the two filmmakers and friends, Tal Recanati (Jewish) and Janina Quint (non-Jewish German), grew into a cultural exchange among many and we realize that the two people are inextricably linked through the memory of the Holocaust.Germans & Jews is at once uncomfortable and provocative, unexpected and enlightening.



  • Apr. 2nd & 16th – Rabbi Stephen L. Sniderman – Passover Haggadahs through History

    CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 04/02/2019 & 04/16/2019


  • TBD – Sylvia Pastor – In the Kitchen with Sylvia


You may also contact the Temple office to register over the phone. (941) 383-3428 or email