High Holy Days 2020

Dear Fellow Congregant:
We at Temple Beth Israel understand these past four months have been challenging, however, we hope you remain in good health. The Covid-19 virus has caused disruptions in all of our lives and if we have been fortunate enough to have been careful to stay-at-home and take all necessary precautions when going out to insure remaining safe and healthy then we will get through this together.
Under normal circumstances, this message would have been reminding you of the joyous High Holy Days coming up in September and welcome you back to see friends and extended family at our Temple. At this time, we will be welcoming the High Holy Days however, in a slightly different manner.
The officers and Board of Trustees have taken every precaution to make sure our congregation remains safe and healthy. After due consideration, and since the relax on the Corona-virus limitations here in Florida, there has been a rise in cases of people affected, the Ritual committee and the Board of Trustees have decided our HHD will be Streamed to your home via computer, iPad, or phone.  The Congregation will not be allowed into the Temple Sanctuary at this time. It will be available to you just as our Friday evening Shabbat service and Saturday morning Shabbat services via YouTube or Facebook. You will see the Rabbi, Cantor, and Choir just as you would if you were sitting in your seat in our Temple sanctuary. Prior to Rosh Hashanah, you will receive in the mail a booklet containing: Programs for each service, all donation contributions from members, i.e., New Year’s Greetings, Flower Fund, and Book of Remembrance along with various special prayers for you to follow while in front of your computer or iPad.
As done in previous years, we are providing a (now virtual) donation form for the High Holy Day Greetings, the Flower Fund, and the Book of Remembrance. Please complete this form with your payment by August 15th, 2020. Hopefully, the Temple will re-open in the fall providing there are no new cases of Corona-virus for a period as registered by Sarasota County and the State of Florida.
We wish you good health for the New Year—a wish we normally take for granted each year at this time, however, this year it is imperative health issues are at the forefront of every one’s thinking. May you continue to stay safe and in good health.
Very Truly Yours,
Murray Blueglass, Ritual Committee Chair
Elise Galinsky, Ritual Committee Co-Chair
Carole Shaw, Ritual Committee Co-Chair
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