Bereavement and Guidance


 Death knows no protocol. The passing of a loved one happens on its own terms. Even when the end of life appears to be imminent at an advanced age, even after the granting of many years on this earth, the loss of those we cherish can be overwhelming. This is why preparing for a time that inevitably will come is very important. Please know your congregation is here to assist you.

This booklet contains essential information about what will be needed when death occurs. The immediate burden of coping with the passing of a loved one can be significantly eased if certain decisions and plans have been made in advance and clearly communicated to those who are charged with carrying them out.

Beyond the practical aspects of death and burial, we also share here the wisdom of our Jewish tradition, which provides a helpful structure when bereavement is most intense. Through these insights and perspectives, we are often able to come to better terms with our own spiritual needs, while honoring at the same time those we love so deeply.


– Rabbi  Stephen L. Sniderman, D.D.


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